5 minute life changers: That ONE perfect drawer.

Keeping one drawer perfect, is a sanity saver. When the kids have just drawn on the walls and are now hanging off the lightshade and the dog just puked. That is when you can look into your perfect drawer, for the 15th time and take 4 deep breathes. B r e a t h e and compose.

My cutlery drawer is my one area that I am almost OCD about. You can see in my photo that things are not perfectly aligned, but it is close to a perfect little world in there.

If all else has gone crazy, I can open that drawer and feel that it is going to be ok...! It also helps me chill out about all the other drawers that are unlikely to be anywhere near tidy until I have been retired for at least 10 years.

Choose a drawer in your home and give it thought and love and create your own little zone of perfection. My perfect drawer has been getting me through house moves, renovations, 4 kids, and dog puke.

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