img_1204Among the pages of Into the Clearing you will find really practical inspiration on how to live simpler and slower and healthier.

I am Siobhan and I love living simply because I want time to think and I want time for my family. I do not want a lot of stuff in my house or on my calendar. Minimalism is also a necessity 1950 house.

My absolute favourite days are when my husband and kids are home, I am making something in the kitchen and perhaps we are talking about our next travel adventure!

My husband and I have four daughters and our home is a curious mix of language and food and influences from Australia (my homeland), Sweden (my husband’s homeland) and China (where we have also lived). We have moved a lot between these three countries and haven’t stopped with that either.

I want to especially encourage other Mums in their role as Mum, and homemaker. It’s a precious role and you are irreplaceable. I want you to enjoy it and I know that by simplifying your home and schedule a much deeper joy awaits you.

I have background experience working in Interior Decorating, Professional Organising, moving and renovating too many times, and cross cultural living. I mostly I love being a wife and mum and I am also passionate in my faith in Jesus.

Follow my blog for regular inspiration and practical help with:

  • Living simpler
  • Living slower
  • Living cheaper
  • Travelling
  • Seriously healthy eating
  • Small house living
  • Living across continents
  • I will also be including some guest writers on certain topics.

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hugs to you