img_1204Hello dear reader.

Welcome to my blog when you feel that life is feeling too hectic and you need help. Curl up with a cuppa and have a cozy read and find some inspiration and ideas.

Being a woman means so many roles. You might have a job, be a wife, a mum, a daughter, sister, friend…  It can be hectic! To manage it all we’d have to run at 100 miles an hour and eventually pass out. Let’s not do that but choose the most important things and let go of the rest. 

I am Siobhan. I am married and have four children. We did a lot of interesting things when our kids were growing up like travel, homeschool, renovate, and we have had a lot of pets. We now live in a small house, in a small town in West Australia. It is situated in what is basically a forest. We are surrounded by beautiful trees and birds and the sound of the breeze.

Inside our home is a curious mix of languages, foods and influences from Australia (my homeland), Sweden (my husband’s homeland) and China where we have also lived.

I love living simply so there is more time for thinking deeply, and for the people in life rather than a lot of stuff in my house and calendar. Minimalism is also a necessity in our cute little 70 year old house. My absolute favourite days are when my husband and kids are home, I am making some healthy food in the kitchen and perhaps we are talking about our next travel adventure!

I have background experience working in Interior Decorating, Professional Organising, moving and renovating too many times, and cross cultural living. Mostly I love being a wife and mum and I am also passionate in my faith in God.

Things I will be writing about:

  • Living simpler and slower.
  • De-cluttering. How to live with less stuff.
  • How to do things like travel or move house, more simply.
  • Making slow food, and food for a healthy gut.
  • Living simply in a small house.
  • Living across continents.
  • How to live on less income.
  • I will also be including some guest writers on certain topics.

Please tell your friends about my blog too.

hug to you