An Adult Gap Year could be just what you need. Part 2.


As we pass through the decades of life we can be surprised at how many hard times there are. In hard times the best thing to do is surround ourselves with friends and press through. Hard times do force us to become stronger people and they refine our character. They have an important purpose as they make us grow while they teach us a million things we can’t learn when our life is going smoothly. 

However, there are also times when we are in a hard situation and it is not good for us to stay in it. It may be a situation we have inadvertently ended up in that could crush us eventually if we stay. Maybe we will even get to the point where we can’t function anymore, like in a total burnout. In some situations the best and healthiest thing to do, is to do something brave and radical! To step out totally. Read More »

Simplify by cutting out double handling.

Sometimes life feels like one l o n g to-do list. We just get 3 tasks done and then there are 4 more at the top of our list. However if we are regularly taking steps to simplify we will gradually have less and less to do. Many small steps over a year can free up untold time and headspace. If we do want to simplify then one thing to try cut out is double handling. Double handling doubles the work of a task. Conversely, cutting out double handling can halve our tasks!

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I picked up a trailer load of wood – mill ends from a mill. They are brilliant for firewood as they are cheap and are handy small pieces. My husband had a plan all worked out to make a platform on the ground, and then for us to move all that wood out of the trailer and stack it on the platform so it could dry all summer in the sun. That way it would be super dry for burning in our fire next winter. Then he wanted us to move it all again at the end of summer, from the platform into our woodshed. So many steps and many hours involved. Read More »

Twelve strategies for parenting teens. Part 1.

img_5690When our children are young we put them in cute outfits with matching socks. We arrange playdates for them, and we bring out trays of healthy little snacks. The sun just shines. And we have no idea how cute this age actually is.

Then one day your cute child has turned into a teenager. The sky is sometimes as grey as their moods. You are trying to fathom why your parenting doesn’t get the results you used to get. In fact at times it can feel like you are in a wild kayak ride paddling hard to avoid smashing into the rocks. It takes all your energy. Read More »

Life in the Perth hills. Trees, views, fires and quendas.

Living in a hills region is a special experience. Once you move up it’s difficult to drag yourself away. Only urgent medical appointments or the need to go to work have a strong enough pull.

I grew up in the suburbs nearer to the beach. The beach is fantastic and many people are simply ocean people. But if you are a hills and trees person you will know it when you are in that setting. You come alive like nowhere else.Read More »

Travelling made simpler.


Travel can be hectic or it can be bliss. In the same day.

If you add kids, the highs and lows get more extreme. You almost cry with joy showing your kids a village in north Asia. You almost cry when your kid spills coke over the businessman next to you, like our daughter did. At the start of a 10 hour flight.

For more joy in the highs and more sanity in the lows it is good to be organised, and, to travel with a light heart and a light bag.Read More »