If you have a whim to go away for the weekend just do it.

IMG_2585When you are in grief it is easy to give up on living. Actively living. Your heart feels like a weight is pressing on it. You forget there is any sunshine out there and only sense the clouds. 

Never underestimate the power of a change of scenery, even for a weekend. It was absolutely fantastic.

First we went to La Patisserie on Mends Street (South Perth) and I had the best pastry scroll I have ever eaten (deliciously buttery and I ignored my dairy intolerance for a day). I need to drive all the way to South Perth again soon just to get another one!

I took a selfie of us at each stage of our date that I had planned! I didn’t tell my husband anything but just announced each segment of our date as it happened. My husband was pretty intrigued with this unfolding surprise. As a woman I often dream that my husband will arrange something like this for me. Now I have given up waiting and planned it for him instead! I enjoyed it just as much as him though!

We had Thai for dinner, Vietnamese for lunch the next day, and a couple of cafe visits.

The guesthouse we stayed at was in the sweet back garden of a Kensington family. They had done a big renovation of their old brick garage and finished it off with style! The garden views were fabulous and complete with a big grey cat sitting on the dew covered lawn in the misty morning air. It was just a cosy place to call our own for a weekend and we are definitely going back. 

Me and my guy in pic below. 


2 thoughts on “If you have a whim to go away for the weekend just do it.

  1. Oh, what a lovely thing to do – funny because I have been thinking about doing this lately too. When you are travelers like us this lockdown is hard so a little getaway is just the thing. So glad you did this xx


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