If you have a whim to go away for the weekend just do it.

IMG_2585When you are in grief it is easy to give up on living. Actively living. Your heart feels like a weight is pressing on it. You forget there is any sunshine out there and only sense the clouds. 

A couple of weeks back I was sinking extremely low in grief and felt stuck there. I knew I had to do something different. I had to reach out and grab something to look forward to. So I got on airbnb and booked a night away. I made a surprise plan for my husband and I, to thank him for supporting me and my family lately. He has been a quiet background person but so crucial. And we needed some oxygen. We were tired, cranky, tense. Even arguing. When we told our kids we were going away for a night they said ‘Pleeeeease go!’ When we came back as much better versions of ourselves they were like ‘You should do that more often!’ 

Never underestimate the power of a change of scenery, even for a weekend. It was absolutely fantastic.

Just two days away seeing some fresh sights (plus a lot of eating) got us unstuck. It reminded us how to live again. 

I had booked a cute guesthouse in Kensington (near South Perth). I also loosely planned some things to do, see and eat. Eating really great food has definite restorative powers! 

First we went to La Patisserie on Mends Street (South Perth) and I had the best pastry scroll I have ever eaten (deliciously buttery and I ignored my dairy intolerance for a day). I need to drive all the way to South Perth again soon just to get another one!

Then we went to the South Perth foreshore for a walk to see the water and city vista across the expanse of water. The next thing was to look at the apartments there and reminisce about the day we first met, three DECADES ago! On the first evening we met (at the home of a mutual acquaintance) we had talked on one of those balconies until the sun came up! The longest conversation of my life. Also a life changing one as our life paths joined at that moment. 

I took a selfie of us at each stage of our date that I had planned! I didn’t tell my husband anything but just announced each segment of our date as it happened. My husband was pretty intrigued with this unfolding surprise. As a woman I often dream that my husband will arrange something like this for me. Now I have given up waiting and planned it for him instead! I enjoyed it just as much as him though!

We had Thai for dinner, Vietnamese for lunch the next day, and a couple of cafe visits.

Two cafes were in walking distance and we went to both; The Little Banksia, and George Street Cafe. A highlight for me was the pastry binge I went on for the weekend! These below were from George Street Cafe. The one with the bite out is a high high rec!


And I seriously have to mention the Tom Kha Gai soup I had for dinner at the Red Basil Thai Cuisine restaurant in Vic Park (Albany Highway). See photo below. Food heaven. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_6f28

The guesthouse we stayed at was in the sweet back garden of a Kensington family. They had done a big renovation of their old brick garage and finished it off with style! The garden views were fabulous and complete with a big grey cat sitting on the dew covered lawn in the misty morning air. It was just a cosy place to call our own for a weekend and we are definitely going back. 

It is so important to take time out for rest and relationships. Just take the first step by choosing a destination. I did not overthink it but booked and planned quite quickly, with the teeny weeny bit of energy I had. Each step gave me a a little oxygen for the next step. 

For the next getaway we are going up north and taking our kids this time. I shall report on that later. We used airbnb once again. 

We can’t go overseas or interstate at this time, but we can go away to our own region!

Go do some living!



Below are pics from the guesthouse in Kensington. img_1070


Me and my guy in pic below. 


2 thoughts on “If you have a whim to go away for the weekend just do it.

  1. Oh, what a lovely thing to do – funny because I have been thinking about doing this lately too. When you are travelers like us this lockdown is hard so a little getaway is just the thing. So glad you did this xx


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