Morning in the country.

img_7167As usual I woke up too early, around 5.30-6. The sound of all the birds singing outside my house and further away beckoned me outside. It is the 1st of September which means spring is here! At least it is for those of us in the Southern hemisphere.

I decided to get up and just go outside even though it was going to be pretty cool out there. I snuck out of the room very quietly as it is Fathers Day today and my husband should sleep in until we bring him breakfast in bed later…

I grabbed a blanket off the sofa and wrapped it around me then stepped out from the kitchen doors onto the patio and past the wheelbarrow full of firewood (thankyou husband for filling it up last night).

Our patio looks out to a forest-like view. Tall trees. Immediately I was hit by the early morning ambience and sounds: cool fresh air, damp but rich with the smell of nature. No one is awake, or outside but the birds and I. Out over our lawn the sun is peeking up in the eastern distance beyond the tall trees and hills.

I grabbed some chicken feed and stopped to weed a few weeds in my herb garden. I noticed the Camelia trees and the Iris’ are flowering.

The nectarine tree is also budding little blossoms.

I let the chickens out and fed them directly on the lawn for a change. They were so happy!

I heard some tiny little munching sounds in the chicken coop. After a slow approach I saw the smallest Quenda in the family of quendas who lives in our garden. She was having his own little breakfast time in the chicken food bowl! She and her dad are often in there eating. I don’t know what has happened to mum Quenda…

I really cannot describe the sense of being out I the early morning, in a country setting. It is something mystical and miraculous to step out into. The breeze blows gently through the leaves in the trees above. Birds sounds big and small can be heard in all directions. The sun is slowly rising and shoots rays through the branches of the trees.

This garden was a gift from God after 6 months of searching. As soon as we saw it we knew we loved it with all our hearts despite the fact that it needed some renovations.

Some people have holiday houses or go away for holidays in nature. We decided when our children were small that we wanted to live fulltime in a holiday house in a holiday setting- somewhere relaxing. So we have done that for many many years, both in Australia and Sweden.

Our little home among the tall trees may be quite small and it may be simple but we absolutely love living here.

It is so gorgeous here that it is painful to drag myself away for work or shopping! Every time I come home and get out of my car the peace and quiet hits me. Visitors always say the same too. It is SO quiet here. Wow!

Right now I am sitting on an old milk crate in the cold morning air, in the gentle breeze. Among the bird sounds. The chickens are wandering around me digging up weeds.

And this WAS the best way to start a day.

Even if you don’t live in the countryside, go outside early in the morning for a walk. Otherwise you could miss the incredible experience of the break of day.



The bunny who lives on our street – mainly in our garden, and the baby quenda is in right corner of photo.

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