Simple beauty on your dining table.

Did you know that your dining table is your most important parenting tool? It is also the place of intersection of family and friends. The one place we actually sit still and have eye contact, chat and debrief. The place our kids get to tell us their stories of the day.

It is also so simple to make it beautiful. This precious hub deserves to be beautiful too! All that is needed is a runner and some candles, or bits of nature, or a vase. Let your imagination run

Think of it as an art canvas you can change often. I change mine every couple of weeks and I do reflect the seasons too. Autumn leaves in Autumn, candles in winter… At Christmas I may lay small pieces of pine branches down the centre of the table with tea lights interspersed. Often it’s just a runner and one vase.

Runners are great as they don’t get dirty after one meal like tablecloths. Some of mine are bought (some from op shops) and some I made by buying a piece of fabric and hemming it. That way you can buy a gorgeous fabric and not spend much as you don’t need much. A good width is between 35 and 40cm. Length can vary from around 110cm -150cm or much longer. If you want it to run the whole length of your table make it the length of your table plus 50cm for 25cm overhang each end.

You can even just buy two matching tea towels and lay them down. I am seriously into minimalism but I do have a bunch of runners I swap around. They are my treasures! Some of my very favourites were found in op shops in Sweden.

Candles in winter, shells and rocks in summer. You can make your dining table a beautiful place that draws the family to sit and chat. It is also a simple way to express yourself creatively that everyone can enjoy.

🌿 Siobhan

One thought on “Simple beauty on your dining table.

  1. Stumbled across this in WP Reader. I could not agree with you more! Dining rooms and tables are among the loveliest features of civilization.


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