One persons clutter is another person treasure. Sell it!

If you are sick of stuff lying around and cluttering up your house/shed/verandah I recommend just go around every couple of weeks and find some things you don’t need anymore and take a few photos of those items so you can sell them.

Our needs and our households and hobbies do change. Seasons come to an end. And we can LET GO of dreams and guilt too – skis, musical instruments, old kayaks, stuff for a creative hobby you don’t do anymore…. All these things lurk in the nooks and crannies, taking up space and making us feel bad about ourselves for not using them.

Take charge! Go take 3 photos of an item right now. Then download the Gumtree app on your phone. (Outside Australia? Think Craiglist, Blocket etc). Then post an ad and put your photos in the ad. It takes 3 minutes. Seriously. It is something you can do while your coffee brews. Remember to start with a price that includes a bit of bargaining margin.

I have a few ads going on gumtree at ANY given time for stuff we dont need. It eventually goes. The cash always comes in so handy. I make it a habit to take photos of stuff every couple of weeks and then I sit down and do the actual ads in the evening.

We had downsized our pool this summer. Our nest is emptying so our needs of stuff are changing (shrinking) constantly. Decluttering is the consolation to a mamas heart when her ‘babies’ move away😂

Anyway, yesterday someone bought the old larger pool (above ground) we weren’t using and out went a lot of parts of that pool from the shed and freed up a LOT of space. And in came a bit of cash.

The buyers were so happy and I am so happy to have a lot of freed up space in our little shed.

What I like about selling stuff is that the buyer picks it up and I don’t even have to DEAL with that thing I don’t use anymore. I only have to wipe a bit of dust off before they arrive.

Often when I place an ad it can take a week. I just post ads and then get on with life. But the stuff sells eventually.

Sometimes I post stuff on our local fb buynsell group too.

For small stuff I either fill our charity bag that’s always on the go, or list on the ‘Buy Nothing’ fb group I am in. Check out fb to see if there’s one for your suburb. It is such a cool community of people giving away stuff they don’t need, and asking for stuff they do need. No money involved. Great recycling! Once I needed a yoghurt maker and I asked on the group and two people had one they didn’t want. That saved me $25. I have given away loads of things on that group we didn’t use. It is a nice feeling to help out others.

Your buyers on gumtree and your receivers on buy nothing groups are often younger families who don’t have money to buy new. It is a great help to them to buy your items second hand rather than go pay full price at the store. So be encouraged. It saves so much pollution from production too if we can all recycle as much as possible.

And it really is such a fabulous feeling to get rid of stuff lying around!

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