Easy peasy photo wall.


Here’s a fast easy way to create a special wall for your photos.

It is also accessible and flexible for swapping photos when you have new ones so it’s a LIVING photo zone. Much better than having the same old photos in frames year in year out that we don’t even notice when we walk past.

I had been wanting to get some photos up for years and considering how fast and easy this was I could kick myself I didn’t do it earlier.

You can fit a lot of photos in one area and skip frames and hooks all over the house.

You need:

A ball of string. Thick string probably looks better. 

Two packets of mini pegs.

Photos printed off. I pegged around 8 photos per string. 

Screws or nails or adhesive remove-able hooks if you are renting. You need two per string, one at top and one at bottom to keep the strings a bit taught so the photos don’t blow around.

An area of wall, or, a piece of wood or board. If you rent you could even use a couple of rustic old planks leaned up against the wall.

After years of trying to figure out the best way to get our photos up I finally made our photo wall in 45 minutes! I didn’t want to deal with frames as I wanted a LOT of photos up and wanted to be able to change out photos often too. Thankfully I had the perfect wall section where we walk past all the time and can enjoy it! It is especially lovely to have photos up of our family members who live far away.

I printed all the photos off with white borders which was a good decision, looks good.

I printed the photos at Kmart and also bought the string and pegs there. Total cost of whole project: $25. For photos, thick brown string and cute mini pegs! I have 5 vertical strings and 8 photos on each.

I can also put seasonal prints and cards or inspirational quotes in among the photos! I like flexible decorations!

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